The Office is the main location in Five Nights at Treasure Island. It is where the player starts. Whenever a suit is in the office, the player must hide under the desk or disable a camera to make the suit leave, or turn off the Power as a last resort.

Appearance Edit

The Office is a large room with a blue desk, a monitor, a dim orange light, and a large sign at the back wall that reads "Treasure Island". On the desk, there is an ash tray with a single cigarette butt in it. Under the ash tray is a map of Treasure Island. There is a pencil next to the map. There is also a small amount of what appears to be barricade tape around the sign as well as a Cactus Kid poster on the wall. There are also three monitors in the room, one on the desk, another in the corner of the room, and one in the middle of the room. There are two doorways where the suits will enter from.

Trivia Edit

  • According to game creator, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez, there is a chance that multiple suits will appear in the office together. How many is unknown.