Disembodied, also known as Donald Duck by the fans, is an iconic Disney character, and a minor antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Disembodied is portrayed as just a disembodied head. Unlike Goofy, Disembodied doesn't seem to have any body so far, most likely due to the story this game is based on. His head depicts eyes but they are black and shiny. Unlike the original Disembodied and the Disembodied head featured in the original teaser image, he is missing his blue sailor hat.

Behavior  Edit

Disembodied starts in the Character Prep 1 with Photo-Negative Mickey. He doesn't appear in any cameras, and stays in the one spot, until he stares at the camera, signaling that he will show up at the Office.

He will, albeit rarely, teleport into the Office, making screaming, duck-like sounds. He is non-hostile, similar to Balloon Boy in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

It has been proven that he will leave after several seconds. Another method to get rid of him is to disable CAM 2, or the Meat Freezer but this is the only camera which will make him leave as other cameras won't fend him off.

Since the other suits are attracted by noise, Disembodied will attract them with his loud quacking. The suits will start moving more spasmodically once Disembodied leaves the office desk.

Locations Edit

  • Disembodied's head is shown beside Photo-Negative Mickey in Character Prep 1, before turning its head to face the camera, then suddenly teleporting in The Office randomly.

Trivia Edit

  • Disembodied is one of the four suits who won't attack the player, the others being Pluto, Goofy's head and possibly Daisy Duck.
  • According to the creepypasta that the game is based off of, Disembodied has a human skull inside his suit's head.
  • In the first promotional artwork image, Disembodied is shown to wear a blue sailor hat like his original counterpart, but the hat is absent in the final game's release, most likely to avoid copyright issues.
  • Disembodied's quack sound is just one sound repeated with many edits of the pitch and frequency.
  • The word "Disembodied" means to be separated from or existing without a body.