New Mickey is a new antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island and is the replacement of Photo-Negative Mickey.

Appearance Edit

This New Mickey looks identical to the original Mickey Mouse but has realistic human-like eyes and stretched out, rectangular eye sockets like the Photo-Negative Mickey in the title screen of the Remastered 2.0.1 Demo ( which is TRUE MICKEY )

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Behavior Edit

It is unknown what New Mickey's behavior will be like but most speculate that his AI will probably act the same way as Photo-Negative Mickey.

Locations Edit

It is unknown where New Mickey will start but most speculate it to be Character Prep 1, same as the Photo-Negative Mickey.

Trivia Edit

  • The developers are trying to separate their game from Slimebeasts story so they can take full credit for it.
  • New Mickey uses the same model as the Photo-Negative Mickey on the title screen jumpscare,

just with a color swap.