Acephalous, also known as Goofy by the fans, is an iconic Disney character, and a two-part antagonist in the

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game Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He appears to be a normal-looking Goofy costume without its head and some discoloration around the body. His head is the same as his Disney counterpart as well, with the exception being that it has no long, droopy ears. Acephalous also wears a yellow jacket unlike his original black one.

Behavior Edit

The game's creator, Matthew, has confirmed that Acephalous's  body will be hostile while his head is not, but the head will still move. Matthew also confirmed that Acephalous's head will act like Pluto and Disembodied, attracting the other suits into The Office.

Locations Edit

The head starts in the Meat Freezer. The body's start location is the Bathroom, but the rest of its movement pattern is currently unknown; however, it has been confirmed he will go to the Staff Area.

Trivia Edit

  • Acephalous traditionally has a black jacket when he is featured in Disney cartoons, as opposed to the yellow one he is seen wearing in Five Nights at Treasure Island.
    • However, in some Disney incarnations, Acephalous wears a yellow jacket.
  • Acephalous's name,  means "lacking a head".
  •  Acephalous's voice actor in Remastered is the same voice actor for Greg's voice in the Original demo.